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Our Z125 Shorty Combo System couples together one of our well-known Lightweight Shorty Cheater Subcages, Round Scrape Bars and Step Plates to offer you the perfect back-half stunt setup for your Z125. The Lightweight Shorty Cheater Subcage portion makes peg combos a breeze by moving passenger peg position up. The step plate gives you a solid foundation for your foot which will unlock many tricks on your Z125.

The Combo System is available with or without a scrape/combo bar and includes our crescent braces to tie into the existing passenger peg locations.

Installation is simple, just remove your OEM passenger pegs along with the turn signal bracket and bolt on the Combo System using the supplied hardware.

New! Customize your subcage by adding optional lightning bolt peg braces. (see image)

* Shown in Shocker Yellow Powdercoat with Gripper Pegs and Beauty Caps for display purposes

We strongly recommend our Z125 Frame Braces as the OEM frame can twist/bend easily without them. You may find them >>HERE<<

** Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time before shipment **

Available Options:

Add Beauty Caps:  
Add Frame Braces:  
Add License Plate Bracket:  
Decals Color:  
Peg Brace Style:  
Peg Surface Upgrade:  
Powdercoat Color:  
Scrape Bar Style:  


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