[Shorty Cheater] Subcage | 14-15 Honda Grom/MSX 125_1
Passenger Peg High Mount Shorty Cheater Subcage | 2014-2015 Honda Grom/MSX 125

Cheater Subcages Make Peg Combos a breeze by raising and moving back passenger peg position. Peg position is 2" more narrow, 1" further back and 3" higher than our Grom Cheater Subcage. ** Low mount or cut stock pipe required **.

** NEW ** Lightweight Option - Reduced component size and weight while keeping our well known part strength. Choose this option below.

ZeusArmor Passenger Peg Subcages feature superduty construction, 2 replaceable delrin sliders, 1-3/4" Fat Pegs, the strongest design in the industry, a thick coating of gloss black powdercoat and grade 8 hardware.

** Not compatible with OEM mufflers. You may cut down your stock pipe or run a low mount exhaust with this subcage. **
We strongly recommend our Grom Frame Braces as the OEM frame can twist/bend easily without them. You may find them >>HERE<<

** Please allow 2-4 weeks lead time before shipment **

Available Options:

Add Beauty Caps:  
Add Extra Pucks:  
Add License Plate Bracket:  
Decals Color:  
Lightweight Option:  
Peg Surface Upgrade:  
Powdercoat Color:  


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